Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Prepping for July

I've gone and gotten myself booked for three shows this Summer.  I'll be posting dates and times, but for now I'm doing a lot of prep work.  I've got plans for some large scale monochromatic drawings.  Drawings big enough to crawl around on.  Additionally I've made a bit of an adventurous materials purchase and it's time to make sure it was money well-spent.  While I was waiting I hit the charcoals and dug out my old litho crayons to get the process moving.
They're just ideas, but you've got to start somewhere. 

 Litho crayons are an old standby of mine.  They can take a bit of patience if you're not comfortable working with water-based mediums.  You can attain some great variations in value if you spend just a little time though.

 Charcoals are still a personal favorite though.  I really need to try out making my own.  If you've done it let me know how it went.

Lots to do... lots to do.
Keep up your momentum.



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